Suzie Q Quilts truly is a delightful dream come true for me. I have always loved fabrics and learned to sew at a very young age on Mother’s treadle sewing machine. I remember thinking that Mother and my Aunt Vivian were the two smartest women in the world when I watched them make a “Friendship” quilt with blocks of pieced ships that had a place for friends to sign their names. That settled the love of quilting in my heart and spirit at the young age of seven.

A few years ago I decided to turn some rental property located on the Nueces River into guest houses for tourists to stay in while in our area. Mill Wheel was the name of the old swimming hole located on the property and I had a picture of Mother that had been taken in the early twenties by the old wheel, so I call it Mill Wheel on the Nueces. The Woodbine Inn became available soon after and we bought it because it fit in with the guest houses so well.

I realized a few years ago that this would be a perfect area for quilting retreats, but we didn’t have a quilt shop within 100 miles. Although I know firsthand that quilters will drive much farther than that for fabric and supplies, I saw the perfect opportunity to do what I have always wanted to do: start my own quilt shop! So Suzie Q Quilts was born and is located just outside the little community of Camp Wood, Texas, population 700 souls!

Now we have a new retreat center! Valley Ranch Retreat! It is a beautiful building on about 8 acres of land a couple of miles out of town. Whitetail and Axis deer, antelope and other wildlife roam around on the property. It is a very peaceful place to be. Book a retreat with us and “Piece in the Valley” at Valley Ranch Retreat!